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Five Amazing Things About Flag Football

Five Amazing Things About Flag Football

Flag Football is on the rise…and it’s no surprise.

The game offers the greatest running, throwing, catching, strategy and teamwork challenges in all of sport.

With the increased participation, more competitive athletes play and subsequently the coaching improves significantly.

Statistically — things look great for flag.  Take a look at our list…


  1. More American children ages 6 to 12 now play flag football than the tackle version of the sport. The N.F.L. has taken note and is investing in the game.
  2. Over the past three years, the number of 6-to-12-year-olds playing flag football has increased by 38 percent, to more than 1.5 million. That is nearly 100,000 more than those who currently play tackle football, according to a study by the Sports & Fitness Industry Association, which has analyzed youth athletic trends for 40 years.
  3. The shift has some high-profile supporters. New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees, a Super Bowl champion and the most productive passer in N.F.L. history, did not put on pads for the first time until high school, and he credits flag football with laying the foundation for the skills that almost certainly will land him in the Pro Football Hall of Fame
  4. The N.F.L. recently pledged to give annual grants to 400 Boys & Girls Clubs for flag football programs to reach 100,000 players ages 6 to 18
  5. It also used its media megaphone to try to give flag football a higher profile: Over the summer, the league-owned N.F.L. Network broadcast 11 games of a new national flag football tournament.


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