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All registered customers agree to the following policies.

Also… please see Pro Sports Experience Website Privacy Policy for additional information related privacy and remote learning curriculum.

WAIVER: A Release and Hold Harmless Waiver Agreement must be signed by a parent or guardian and submitted prior to the camp’s first day. The Release and Hold Harmless Waiver Agreement is submitted electronically and found on your “Detailed Confirmation for your camper from NFL Alumni Youth Camps” email from “Office at Pro Sport Experience dot com.”

ELECTRONIC COMMUNICATION: By registering for a program, you authorize email communication and text message communication to the contact information you provided. Email communications will feature event announcements, programs descriptions, sports education content or program operations updates. Text communications will be limited to time sensitive and/or urgent operations announcements related to situational changes for your child’s program (i.e. health, weather concerns, safety, enrollment). You may unsubscribe from either or both.

MEDICINE AT CAMP: If your child requires medication, a Self-Administration of Medication Form must be completed and submitted prior to the camp start. Camp staff does not administer, store or manage medicine on behalf of campers. The camper must be prepared to manage and able to self-administer medicine as needed.

TYPES OF MEDICINE: Only Eppi-Pens and/or Inhalers may be possessed at camp by campers. No other medicines, including pills, creams or ointments are allowed on camp property. If required, such unauthorized medicines should be administered at home before camp. Please call us for questions or concerns.

Some camp staff are trained in first aid and may act in the event of an emergency.

HEALTH HISTORY FORM: Campers attending a New Jersey or Connecticut camp location must complete and submit a Health History Form prior to the camp start. Forms are found on you detailed confirmation email.

FIRST-DAY CHECK IN: A parent or guardian must accompany the camper to first-day check-in A parent or guardian should pick up the camper at dismissal time each camp day.

GENERAL POLICY: We reserve the right to suspend or terminate any student when it is deemed in the best interest of the camp or the student.

In the interests of participant privacy, we regret that videotaping camp activities is not allowed.

The Camps are not a school sponsored program, and your school district does not endorse this activity. Dates and locations are subject to change.

Connecticut campers–see the Connecticut Policy Guideline on Abuse and Neglect Reporting

•Each camp morning, parents must check participant’s temperature and also evaluate participant for any symptoms of illness. If a participant has a temperature of 99.7 or higher, or exhibits symptoms such as coughing, sneezing, difficulty breathing, or any other flu-like symptoms or symptoms associated with COVID-19, parent(s) must keep participant home from camp until the cessation of symptoms, as well as any government-required quarantine and/or isolation period has passed. These symptoms are subject to change should the CDC and/or other health authority revise them at any time.
•Parents agree to immediately pick up the participant if participant exhibits any of the COVID-related symptoms from statements above while attending camp.
•If the participant has been in contact with anyone who exhibits symptoms of COVID-19 or has COVID-19, parent(s) must email [email protected] call 877-226-9919 to leave a voice mail as soon as practicable.
•For the Camp to operate in a safe manner, there may be mask, social distancing and/or other requirements that participants will be asked to follow.
•Parents acknowledge that the Camp will send a participant home if he/she exhibits symptoms of COVID-19; has come into contact with anyone who exhibits symptoms of COVID-19; currently has COVID-19; is subject to quarantine/isolation as a result of having had Covid-19; does not follow Camp rules regarding COVID-19; or if Parents or the participant made false, misleading, or incomplete statements when providing health-related information to the Camp.
•Should local, state and/or national authorities deem camps ineligible to operate and/or place rules/restrictions upon camp operations that are too difficult or cumbersome to execute in a practical manner (as determined by the Camp operator’s interpretation of said rules/restrictions), customers acknowledge that camp days may be postponed, modified, rescheduled and/or cancelled entirely. There is no cash refund for postponement, modification, rescheduling or cancellation. We, the camp operator, reserve the right to determine whether to issue any partial or full credits to customers as a result of such changes to the camp schedule.

REFUND POLICY: It’s a Strong Refund Policy. Here’s why. Preregistration determines the number of staff hired and campers guaranteed to the facility. We financially commit to our coaches, guest and facilities for the week and do not turn back. That’s why we need you to be sure you are committed to us. Therefore, in cases of cancellation before or on April 1, 2024, $95 will be retained. After April 1, 2024, in cases of cancellation, we will retain the full registration fee.

CANCELLATION PROTECTION: Cancellation Protection is available for purchase during your camp registration process. You may purchase cancellation protection from Pro Sports Experience when you register, to offset some of the financial loss in the event you withdraw from camp on or after April 1, 2024. Cancellation Protection may only be purchased at the time of your original registration, may not be applied retroactively, and applies only to the individual camper for whom it is purchased. Cancellation protection is non-refundable.

With Cancellation Protection, in cases of cancellation on or before April 1, 2024, you will receive your money back less $95 dollars. Or, in lieu of a refund, you may request a Camp Credit equal to the full amount you paid for this year’s camp (less the Cancellation Protection Fee) which may be applied toward next year’s camp. With Cancellation Protection, you may cancel your camp registration after April 1, 2024, and receive a Camp Credit equal to the full amount you paid for this year’s camp (less the Cancellation Protection payment) to be used at any camp during the following camp year. Cancellations must be made more than 72 hours prior to the start of the camp.

CAMP CREDITS: Camp Credits may be redeemed only by the original registrant or any immediate family member for camp registration during the following year only. Camp Credits have no cash value and expire at the end of the following camp year.

Each year, the camp schedule and program opportunities change. While we attempt to replicate schedules and programs from year-to-year, we do not guarantee equivalent program or calendar options will be available.

UNATTENDED DAYS: There is no refund for unattended camp days. Unattended camp days cannot be transferred to future camps. Any camp days that an individual participant(s) misses as a result of the above Covid-19 policy are not subject to any credit and/or refund.

WEATHER RELATED ISSUES: We are a youth sports camp operator (as opposed to a day care program). Each camp location provides different resources, advantages, and limitations for safe operations during the camp and resources to achieve our development goals. In the event of severe weather or weather events, we will modify camp operations based on our facility resources and operations objectives. In the event weather conditions or weather events result in conditions that make camp operations unsafe, too difficult, or too cumbersome for effective operations execution (as determined in the sole discretion of the Camp operator), customers acknowledge that camp days may be modified, postponed, rescheduled and/or canceled entirely. There is no cash refund or credit for the postponement, modification, rescheduling or cancellation of any camp day(s), or portion thereof. The camp operator reserves the exclusive right to determine the amount of, if any credit that may be extended to any customer because of such operations modifications, postponements, or cancellations.

EXTENUATING CIRCUMSTANCES: No refund will be issued for camp days (or portions thereof) cancelled for any reason. The decision to cancel and/or modify a camp rest solely with the camp management.