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Football Body Language: Top Five “Tells” or “Hints” Offensive Players Must Avoid

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In football, when playing defense, imagine how much easier it would be if you knew the play your opponent was planned to run.  While some can perhaps steal signals, some defenders can effectively read body language to know what play is coming.

Coach your football players to watch for these giveaway indicators.

Top 5 “Tells” or “Hints” Offensive Players Must Avoid

1. The guard or tackle is lined up further back than the other lineman.
–When the player does this it typically means he is pulling.

2.  The running back stares in the direction he is going to be running.
-This is very common with less experienced backs.

3.  The offense has a very good blocking lineman and they move him from position to position on the line during the game -Typically that means they are running behind him.

4. The backfield formation depth indicates what direction the play will go.
-When the backs line up closer to the line of scrimmage they are going straight ahead, if they line up back further they are running laterally for a sweep.

5.  The QB stares down his intended receiver.
-This is very common at all levels of the game and will typically lead to an interception.

Note the running back's glance to the right side of the he telling you something?
Note the running back’s glance to the right side of the field…is he telling you something?

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