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The number one indicator for someone “being a fan” is whether or not that person played the game as a child. 

To reach children ages 5-14 years old, professional sports teams and leagues choose Pro Sports Experience, LLC to build, launch and manage youth sports camps. Since 2002, Pro Sports Experience has successfully operated over 900 community-based, youth sports camps,  We are an officially licensed partner of the Chicago Bears, Green Bay Packers, Tennessee Titans and National Football League Alumni Association.

Our partners are rewarded with multiple, professionally executed youth sports camps that deliver fan development, community relations and sponsorship revenue benefits.

Partners value our full-service organization as well as our strategic planning and program execution leadership.

After jointly developing the game plan with partners, we professionally mobilize their brand and resources. Then from start to finish, we provide full-service management for all challenges, including: sales, marketing, financial management, risk management and customer service.


Team sports are the most important character development platform we have. 

For the young athletes, we introduce the game, build confidence and take them to the next level.

We are dedicated to the science of skill development.

We are passionate about making it fun.

While kids learn to run, throw, catch and compete like an NFL player, even more, they learn essential life skills that remain with them forever.  When a participant learns the value of composure, humility, grace, team work and absolute integrity, we have contributed to something that profoundly impacts a person, family and community.



PRO SPORTS EXPERIENCE:  For Football Skills, Life Skills and Fun

Pro Sports Experience, LLC is led by Owner/President Tom Finks. Finks, a graduate of Dartmouth College, enjoyed nine years with the NHL’s Chicago Blackhawks in a marketing, community relations and fan development capacity before founding Pro Sports Experience.  Tom Finks entered the Illinois Hockey Hall of Fame as a player in 2008.

Tom Finks is the son of Jim Finks, a National Football League Hall of Fame member who was inducted in 1995.  Jim Finks was the Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback from 1949 to 1955.  As an NFL Executive and General Manager, Jim Finks was responsible for building the Minnesota Vikings, Chicago Bears and New Orleans Saints into top franchises from 1964 through 1992.

The core Pro Sports Experience management staff includes National Operations Director Mike Gross; Chief Financial Officer, Attorney Lisa Finks and Communications Manager Kaitlin Palmer.

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