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What Our Football Camp Parents Are Saying About Summer

Camp season has officially begun! Check out what some of this years parents are saying about their kids’ experiences so far:

Thank you for inquiring about Josiah’s participation at camp.  The coaches, just to name a few, ‘Al’ and ‘Wiz’ have been fantastic.  This applies to their staff/assistants.   Josiah has enjoyed the first two days of camp and look forward to its continual.  He’s learning a lot since joining.

– Shannon (from the Philadelphia Eagles camp @ Bryn Mawr)


So far so good. He’s having fun and Coach JJ has especially made him feel comfortable as a new younger player. 🙂

– Jessica (from the Philadelphia Eagles camp @Bryn Mawr)


He absolutely is having a great time. He loves it!

– Kelly  (from the Philadelphia Eagles camp @ Bryn Mawr)


He is enjoying it very much. He came home after day one (yesterday) and we asked him three things he learned  and he rattled off about 10. Great work.    Keep having fun!

-Alexandra (from the New York Heroes camp @Greenwich)


Hi Henry is having a blast. He comes home every day exhausted but with a lot of great stories and new football knowledge. He is getting ready for his first year of tackle football, so this is getting him excited.

Thanks.   – Katie (from the New York Heroes camp @Greenwich)


Tyler said he loves it and appreciates the coaching that you all are doing.  He had a bad experience with the New Canaan football program, as he was born and raised in Singapore, so didn’t know the terminology.  I’m glad he is finally enjoying the sport that I love so much too.

– Mark (from the New York Heroes camp @ Greenwich)


John just walked in the door from camp and gave me the play by play of his day. He is really enjoying himself and is looking forward to tomorrow. He just told me though that he needs to relax!

John seems to be responding enthusiastically about the coaching and coaches. This is his first experience with football so I thank you for setting the tone for him to play this fall.

Hope tomorrow is cooler for you all.

Thanks!    – Laurel (from the New York Heroes camp @ Greenwich)


Charlie is having a great time.  And seems to be learning a lot.  Thanks so much for checking in.

– Kelly (from the New York Heroes camp @ New Canaan)


Arlo is having a great week so far. He has come home very excited about the progress he is making during the morning skill sessions. He loved meeting a former Packer today. Although he is tired at the end of the day, he still wants to head into the back yard and continue to practice!  He is really hoping that his team will win an afternoon scrimmage before the end of the week.  We are very pleased by the emphasis that has been placed on good sportsmanship and safety.

– Gretchen (from the Green Bay Packers camp @ Mequon)


Carter says football camp is “awesome”.  He is really enjoying himself and having a great time while learning many new skills.  He has made new friends and has even talked about exchanging phone #’s with them to keep in touch:)  It’s been great to hear everything he is doing there. Sounds like he is working hard!  He has already asked to make sure we sign him up next year.

Thanks again.   – Kelly (from the Green Bay Packers camp @ Mequon)


Ethan is having a blast! The coaches are top notch! I especially like how motivating they are. And they do a great job connecting with the kids with things like high-fives, etc. Ethan’s looking forward to the rest of the week.

– Laura (from the Green Bay Packers camp @ Franklin)


This is Jasper’s 3rd summer with camp.  He loves it every year…this year is no exception.

– Lisa (from the Green Bay Packers Camp @ Madison)


He is loving the experience, has made many friends and was so excited he got his hat signed today. Thank you for making this great memory for my son that he will be talking about for years to come.

– Chanda (from the Green Bay Packers camp @Sheboygan)


We have one happy young man.  The first day was rated 9/10 with 10 being the highest score.  The weather was a little variable.  Tuesday, my son gave the camp 10 of 10 – so happy to meet Kurt Larson and all he is learning.   He has come away with many tips to improve his game!  It is a hit with him and as a parent, really happy he is learning more about the game he loves!  Can’t wait for the rest of the week!

Regards,   – Maribeth (from the Green Bay Packers camp @ Mequon)


Camp is going extremely well! Tucker gets dropped off and picked up with a huge smile on his face and has even had a hard time falling asleep at night because he has football on his mind!

The coaches are extremely well organized, wonderful with the kids and positive which I believe is crucial when working with little ones.

This is Tuckers first year at this camp and DEFINITELY not his last!   GoPackGo!
– Team Olson (from the Green Bay Packers camp @ Franklin)


Logan is absolutely LOVING the camp. It’s his first time playing football and his friend Kyle invited him to join. He is excited when he talks about camp and has nothing negative to say at all.

Thanks much for making his experience memorable!!

– Trish (from the Chicago Bears camp @ Glenview)


Coach is amazing, kind, and effectively instills the virtue of teamwork.  I can tell the whole staff genuinely loves being around kids.  After the first session, my son stated “this is the best camp ever!”  He was up early this morning dragging me out of bed to get there early.  We are very glad we did this.

– Bernie & Ploumi (of the Chicago Bears camp @ Palos Hills)


This has been a fantastic experience for Benjamin.  He is a shy 6 year old boy who loves football.  The coaches have been fabulous encouraging him and having the older boys encourage him as well.  He has loved his week!  Thank you!

– Colleen (from the Chicago Bears camp @ Winnetka)


So far, so GREAT!!!   We are very very impressed with this program.    There are a group of us attending from St. Clement and I think we are all hooked.    I am almost certain we will be coming back for more in the future-   our boys are only 8 (most of them) so we see years ahead of great practice.

P.S.  Incredible coaches-   so kind and friendly and yet ‘tough’ so the boys get some good coaching.   Perfect blend.

Thank you so much!

– Helen (from the Chicago Bears camp @ Lincoln Park South)


He is loving it. He said he doesn’t want it to end.  He is one of the littlest ones and the older kids are treating him so kindly and helping him and as a parent it is a great thing to see..

– Carmela (from the Chicago Bears camp @ Carol Stream)


Good afternoon!  I am very pleased with the program you have!  My son has been in flag for 7 years and while the volunteer coaches have tried hard and are limited on resources, I must say this youth camp blows it all away!  The cost was intimidating at first but the staff and structure are worth it.  Stephen will enter tackle this fall for the first time and I’ll worry just a little less knowing he’s learning proper techniques here!

Thank you!!!  – Stephanie (from the Chicago Bears camp @ Naperville)



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