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More Access than Ever Imagined!

Join us for V-Camp, a virtual, week-long, day-camp with more football access, entertainment and learning than ever imagined!  

V-Camp Summer Week is packed with pro coaches, NFL Alumni heroes, and sports industry experts that want to make a difference in kid’s lives.  

What V-Camp Week Looks Like…

    • It’s REMOTE – a virtual connection straight to your camper from our coaches, players and experts.

    • It’s PACKED – designed exactly like a traditional non-contact football camp week.

    • It’s COMPREHENSIVE – addressing athletic skills, football skills and life skills…and having fun!

    • It’s DEVELOPMENT – Be challenged and lifted by our V-Camp coaching community. 

Specifics:  Register for any V-Camp Week and Receive…

    • For the week, campers experience a total of 25-30 instruction features, Monday – Friday, 9am – 3pm.

    • Each feature runs up to 15 minutes. 

    • Following each feature, the camper heads out, embraces the skill challenges, builds skills and confidence!

    • Within each day, campers receive four NFL Alumni Director led features (4 instructional, one interactive).

    • The NFL Alumni interactive feature lasts 15 to 25 minutes.

    • Instruction features do not disappear –they are saved for the camper for 24 hours.   

    • Overall, campers will experience a mix of athletic, football and life skill instruction.   All features are designed to instruct, motivate, challenge and entertain.

    • On occasion, feature content may include video analysis of either camper performance, youth game video or even the enormously popular football video games from a major entertainment counsel– building game IQ and more confidence through these engaging platforms. 

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More Bonus Items

    • Free access to the Pro Sports Experience Information Library

      • The science and art of Skills, Speed, Coordination, Nutrition Health, Confidence and more!

      • Learn advanced philosophies about what really matters when raising a young athlete.

    • Big Discounts with NFL Alumni corporate friends.   

      • Wilson Sports Goods – 20% Off Most Football Items.   (May 15 – May 30)

      • For Mom and Dad:  Three FREE Virtual Yoga experiences with V-Camp Yoga Coach Debbie Marks

      • 30% off USA Football Apparel (June 1 thru August 31)

Choose Your Camp Below

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V-CAMP:  1M-F, June 15-19, 9:00am-3:00pm

V-CAMP:  2M-F, June 22-26, 9:00am-3:00pm

V-CAMP:  3M-F, July 6-10, 9:00am-3:00pm 

V-CAMP:  4M-F, July 13-17, 9:00am-3:00pm 

V-CAMP:  5M-F, July 20-24, 9:00am-3:00pm 

V-CAMP: 6M-F, July 27-31, 9:00am-3:00pm

V-CAMP:  7M-F, Aug 3-7, 9:00am-3:00pm 

V-CAMP:  8M-F, Aug 10-14, 9:00am-3:00pm 

Join us for a New Approach to the Greatest Game!


V-Camp Sample Schedule

Monday-Friday, 9:00 am-2:00 pm

9:00 am:  V5 Life Skills #1, Dynamic Warm Up
Functional Movements, Agility, Speed
10:00 am: -Individual Skill, Hand-Eye, Advanced Challenges, Skill Challenges
11:00 am: Hero Message of Day
-Off the Field Excellence, Interactive Q&A
12:00 noon:  Advanced Athletic & Football Skills 
1:00 pm:  Game Changer Skills
2:00 pm:  Small Space Games
3:00 pm:  Final Whistle, V5 Life Skill #2

Pro Coaches & NFL Alumni Heroes

COACHES: V-Camps are led by professional, USA Football Certified coaches with High School, College or professional coaching backgrounds.

HEROES: NFL Alumni Heroes provide supplemental instruction.  These are former players, fathers and family men that played the world’s ultimate team sport at the highest level. They join us because they love teaching kids through football.  See participating NFL Alumni Heroes on tab below. 

Other Helpful Details

  • A computer, laptop or Iphone connection is required.
  • For the best experience, an appropriately-sized football is needed.
  • Other helpful home training materials include a jump rope, old tennis or wiffle balls, a target for throwing, cones, even access to a clean garbage can for throwing targets. 
  • Vital 5 Life Skill Lessons integrated into camp daily.
  • Be sure to stay nourished. Eat well, non-greasy foods.  Drink plenty of fluids and increase that on hot days.  Wear sunscreen always.


The Pro Sports Experience Staff

CAMP DIRECTORS: Camps are led by professional, USA Football Certified Coaches. Our coaches develop athletic skill, build confidence and provide positive reinforcement. These outstanding educators are the foundation of our day-to-day operations and the key to our program quality.

  • Scott Baum, Loyola Academy, (IL), 20 yrs exp
  • Al Crosby, Neumann-Goretti High School, (PA) 14 yrs exp
  • Dan Davis, Mt. Juliet High School, (TN)
  • John Grogan, St. Viator, (IL) 12 yrs exp
  • Tony Johnson, Evanston High School, (IL) 17 yrs exp
  • John Murphy, Farleigh Dickinson College –15 yrs exp
  • Dave Mogensen, University of Wisconsin-Milwukee, 15 yrs exp

Our coaches are supported by NFL-Alumni Camp Heroes that played for teams including the Chicago Bears, Green Bay Packers, New York Giants, Philadelphia Eagles and Tennessee Titans.  These men, having  played the world’s greatest team sport, are committed to teaching skills and values they learned through football.  Some of the following NFL Alumni Heroes are scheduled to appear at various times throughout camp operations and/or have appeared at Pro Sports Experience camps in the past.

In terms of scheduling Heroes, we will assign three to every camp.  However, we cannot guaranteed each Hero will be from your favorite hometown team.  

Wendell Davis (LSU): Wide Receiver, 1988-93
Kris Haines (Notre Dame): Wide Receiver, 79-81
Jim Morrissey (Michigan State): Linebacker, 1985-93
Adrian Peterson (Georgia Southern): Running Back, 2002-09 
James Thornton (Cal State Fullerton): Tight End, 1988-92
Brent Novoselsky (Pennsylvania); Tight End,  1988 

Kevin Barry, U of Arizona, Offensive Lineman, 2002-2006
Johnnie Gray, Cal State Fullerton, Safety, 1975-1983
Darryl Ingram, California Berkeley, Tight End, 1989-1993
Kurt Larson, Michigan State, Linebacker, 1991
Chris Francies, University of Texas at El Paso, WR, 2001-2002
Dexter McNab, Florida, Running Back, 1992-1994
Bryce Paup, Northern Iowa, Linebacker, 1990-1994
Paul Rudzinski, Michigan State, Linebacker, 1978-1982
Bill Schroeder, Wisconsin Lacrosse, Wide Receiver, 1994-2001

Stephen Baker, (Fresno State) WR – (87-92)
Keith Elias, (Princeton) RB – (94-96)
Sam Garnes, (Cincinnati) S – (97-01)
Rodney Hampton, (Georgia) RB – (90 – 97) 

Fred Barnett (Arkansas State): Wide Receiver, 1990-1997
Bill Bergey (Arkansas State): Linebacker, 1974-1980
Garry Cobb (USC): Linebacker, 1985-1987 
Mike Schad (QueensU): Offensive Lineman, 1989-93
William Thomas (Texas A&M): Linebacker, 1991-2001
Brandon Whiting (Cal Berkeley): Defensive End, 1998-2003

Blaine Bishop (Ball State): Safety – 1993-2001
Gerald McRath (Southern Mississippi): Linebacker – 2009-2012
Brett Ratliff (Utah): Quarterback – 2011
Chris Sanders (Ohio State): Wide Receiver – 1995-2002