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Host: The contest is hosted by Pro Sports Experience, operating as NFL Alumni Youth Football Camps, located at 3223 West Lake Street, Wilmette, IL 60091. For more information, visit, or call 877-226-9919, or email [email protected].

The contest is sponsored by a third-party organization, typically a non-profit with a mission focused on children’s welfare.

Event Proceeds: 
An agreement will be made between the Host and the Sponsor. The Host requires a minimum service fee. The remaining funds will be shared between the Host and the Sponsor according to a pre-determined split.

A portion of event proceeds will benefit the National Football League Alumni Association. The National Football League Alumni Association is non-for-profit tax exempt with a mission of “Caring for Kids.”

Participant Eligibility: 
Adults and children who support the Sponsor are Participants and eligible to compete. The Sponsor and the Host may further define eligibility criteria, which may include a registration entry fee. Eligible participants will receive an access link to the contest from the Host.

Entry Requirements: 
Participants must register with the Host. In order to complete, participants must complete the participation waiver. Registered and waivered participants will receive access links to the contest and further details and instructions.

Odds of Winning: 
Winning depends on the participant’s knowledge, the number of Participants, and their performance compared to others. Typically, there will be more than 10 and fewer than 500 participants, though exceptions may occur. Teams can compete if pre-approved by the Host and Sponsor.

Contest Conclusion:
At the contest conclusion, winners will be announced, and prizes may be awarded. The type, value, and supplier of the prizes are agreed upon by the Host and Sponsor before the contest. The Sponsor is responsible for prize fulfillment within 10-14 days of the contest. Prizes cannot be redeemed in cash.

Judging Criteria: 
Winners are determined by the highest point total, based on correct and quick answers, as calculated by the Kahoot scoring system. In case of a tie, tiebreaker questions will be used.

Publicity Rights:
All Participants, including parents, guardians, and children, irrevocably grant the Sponsor, Host, and their affiliates the unrestricted, perpetual right to use their names, photographs, video images, voices, quotes, and likenesses in any and all related advertisements, promotions, and other media, whether now known or hereafter developed, without any compensation or notification. Participants waive any rights to inspect or approve the finished product and any claims of ownership, privacy, or any other rights related to such use. No compensation will be provided to the Participants or the Sponsor for such use.

The Host reserves the right to address technical issues or evidence of cheating by Participant(s) by remedies of canceling, replaying, or modifying the contest, or by disqualifying the offending Participant(s) and/or withdrawing or modifying prizes. The Host reserves the right to disqualify or expel any Participant who, during the course of the event, undermines culture of respect, decency, fair play, sportsmanship, or cooperation during the event.   If applicable, and under each circumstance, no refund is provided to disqualified Participants.

Host Technical Issues and Make-Up Day:
In the event of a technical breakdown or accident of any kind affecting the Host’s ability to complete the event, the Host and the Sponsor will reschedule the event. The Sponsor agrees to provide the Host with at least one “make-up day” to fulfill the execution. The rescheduled event will be set at a mutually agreed-upon time to ensure the event is successfully executed and the agreement fulfilled.

Individual Participant Technical Errors: 
Participants who are unable to log onto the contest, experience technical errors during the contest, and therefore are unable to participate in some or all of the contest, have no recourse. No refund or remedy will be provided to participants for such issues. There is no refund for unattended contests for which a registered participant fails or is unable to access and attend the contest.

For disputed, inaccurate, or potentially ambiguously written questions and/or answers, the Kahoot! system’s designated correct answer is used as the “correct answer” and points will be awarded accordingly,  even if inaccurate, contributing to the Participants score and impacting the contest’s outcome.  

Cancellation by Sponsor: If the Sponsor cancels the contest within 31 days of the contest date after registration payments have been received, the Host reserves the right to recover expenses and retain up to 50% of the individual registration fees collected. In the event that the Sponsor cancels the contest and reschedules for a new date, the Host reserves the right to increase the service fee or adjust the financial terms to account for the cost of rescheduling.

Ownership of Entries: 
Pro Sports Experience / NFL Alumni Youth Football Camps may use submitted email addresses, phone numbers, or other information for marketing purposes, and participants may unsubscribe at any time.