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Atlanta NFL Alumni Hero Youth Football Camps

Atlanta NFL Alumni Hero Youth Football Camps

Football Skills, Life Skills and Fun

Featuring NFL Alumni Falcons like Steve Bartkowski, Billy Johnson, Wallace Francis, Bryan Scott and Lawrence Jackson with USA Football Coaches.

Non-Contact Instruction, Ages 6-14

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Camps in Johns Creek and Marietta, Georgia

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 2017 SUMMER CAMP LOCATIONS Youth Football Camps of Atlanta NFL Alumni Heroes

After Camp Instruction is available at all locations.
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Save $20 with Code “NFLalum20”
Save $10 on After Camp Instruction


  1. Safe, Non-Contact Instruction for ages 6-14
  2. NFL Alumni Heroes (Atlanta Falcons)
  3. Pro, USA Football Certified Coaches
  4. Football Skill Challenges
  5. Athletic Skill Development
  6. Life Skill Development
  7. Heads Up Curriculum for Better, Safer Play
  8. Team Tournament Action
  9. Championship Friday
  10. Daily Awards and Prizes



1. Health and Behavior
2. The V5 Life Skills
3. Skill Development
4. Big 6 Drill Imperatives
5. Small Space Games
6. Big Football Friday
7. USA Football Heads Up
8. Making Instruction Fun

“Learn to run, throw, catch, defend, form block, form tackle and explode out of a stance with proper technique and improved speed.”


Sample Day:  8:30 am to 11:30 am

After Camp Skill Instruction is available at all camps.  

8:30 am  V5 Life Skills #1 of 5
8:40–Dynamic Warm Up
9:10–Individual Skills Offense
10:05–Skill Challenges
10:40–Small Space Games
or Team Competition
11:05–Hero Message of Day
11:15–Grand Skill Challenge
11:22–V5 Life Skill #2 of 5
11:28–Highlights & Awards
11:30 am–Final Whistle



AFTER CAMP SKILL INSTRUCTION is available at all camps.   Water breaks are taken after every break. Campers may take water at any time.  Camp may slow or end football training in periods of inclement weather, seek shelter or do off-field curriculum..


Coaches & NFLAA Atlanta Falcons

COACHES: Camps are led by professional, USA Football Certified coaches with High School, College or professional coaching backgrounds.

HEROES: NFL Alumni Heroes provide supplemental instruction.  These are former NFL players, fathers and family men that played the world’s ultimate team sport at the highest level. They join us because they love teaching kids through football.

Participating NFLAA include Steve Bartkowski, Lawrence Jackson, Billy “White Shoes” Johnson, Bryan Scott, Haskel Stanback and Jeff Van Note.

See more details about participating NFL Alumni Atlanta Falcons on tab below.

What You Need to Know

  • Non-contact football instruction for kids ages 6-14.
  • Led by professional, USA Football certified Coaches
  • NFL Alumni Heroes supplement instruction.
  • Student-to-instructor ratio is 10:1
  • Station-based training with Big 6 Drill Design Imperatives for best results.
  • Kids divided by age and experience for “apples to apples” instruction.
  • Small Space Games so campers learn within a 2v2, to 4v4 platform.
  • Vital 5 Life Skill Lessons integrated into camp daily.
  • USA Football’s Head Up Football Instruction so kids play a better, safer football.
  • Big Football Friday includes Super Bowl Friday, Awards and Recognition.
  • For 5-day, half-day camps, bring a snack and sports-appropriate liquids.
  • We serve only water and/or sports drinks at half-day camps.
  • Learn more at “What to Bring and Know” below.


CAMP DIRECTORS Camps are led by professional, USA Football Certified Coaches. Our coaches develop athletic skill, build confidence and provide positive reinforcement. These outstanding educators are the foundation of our day-to-day operations and the key to our program quality. Eric Matthews, NFL Alumni Hero–former Green Bay Packer, 16 year’s experience, 2nd with the program


NFL Alumni Heroes are fathers and family men that understand the dynamics of communicating with young people.

NFL Alumni Heroes appear at various times throughout camp operations.

Lawrence Jackson (Presbyterian); Offensive Line – (Atlanta Falcons)
Billy Johnson (Widener University); Wide Receiver – (Atlanta Falcons)
Tommy Nobis (Texas); Linebacker – (Atlanta Falcons)
Todd Peterson (Georgia); Kicker – (Atlanta Falcons)
Bryan Scott (Penn State); Linebacker/Defensive Back – (Atlanta Falcons)
Haskel Stanback (Tennessee); Running Back – (Atlanta Falcons)
Jeff VanNote (Kentucky); Center – (Atlanta Falcons)
Steve Bartkowski (Cal): Quarterback – Falcons 1975-1985
Wallace Francis (Arkansas-Pine Bluff); Wide Receiver – Falcons 1975-1981
Daniel Benish (Clemson); Defensive Tackle – Falcons 1983-1986


1) Choose Between:   A Five-Day, Full-Day Camp or Five-Day, Half-Day Camps Location.
You can only purchase a full-day camp at a full-day camp location.  You may not purchase half-day camp at full day location.

  • 5-Day, Half Day Camps available June and July, 8:30 am to 11:30 am.
  • 5-Day, Full Day Camps available June and July, 9:00 am to 3:00 pm.
  • Private or Small Group, Position-Specific Instruction, any time, any location

2) Enter Camp Program (automatically determined by your registration profile).

  • Rookies:   Ages 6-7
  • Comprehensive Skill Program: Ages 8 to 14 (sub-divided by age)
  • Accelerated Skills Program:   Ages 9 to 14 with 1 or more years of team experience.

3) Go into Overtime!   Choose an After Camp Experience (Optional) A) After-Camp Offensive Skills Instruction for Kids Ages 6 -11  

  • Further build QB, RB and WR skill base | Led by top Coach | Hero participation | Meet w/ Camp Director–set goals.
  • Small-group, high rep training | Runs Tues., Wed and Thurs of camp week | Runs for 1 hour after camp day ends

B) After-Camp Position Specific Instruction for Kids Ages 9 -14  

  • Led by top Coach | Hero participation | Meet w/ Camp Director–set goals | Tell us Position–we have the coach
  • Runs Tues., Wed and Thurs of camp week | Runs for 1 hour after camp day ends

C) Extended Supervision Bring peace of mind and some extra time to your camp experience with extended supervision. With “Extended Supervision” we provide safe care for your camper one hour before and one hour after the official camp operating hours.  Extended Supervision is not active camp programming or curriculum. It is simply safe supervision of your camper while you get your things done.

Safe, Non-Contact Football Instruction for Kids Ages 6 to 14 years old Basics

  • All programs led by professional, USA Football Certified coaches.
  • NFL Alumni Heroes from the Atlanta Falcons or other NFL teams provide supplemental instruction.
  • Student-to-Instructor ratio is 10:1
  • Kids are divided by age and experience levels for “apples to apples” instruction.
  • We welcome “group with” requests and do our best to accommodate.
  • Our instruction platform is station-based training.

Instruction Philosophy All camps use a “station-based training” format to provide instruction. Groups rotate around the field—like a classroom–visiting each instruction station. At each station, the professional coach adapts the instruction to fit the group needs. Campers learn to run, throw, catch, defend, form block, form tackle and explode out of their stance with proper technique and improved speed. We run active camps so kids get multiple chances. With patience and encouragement, kids gain confidence and that’s what it’s all about.

Games, Energy and Excitement Drills are mixed with fun competitions, rewards, contests and personal challenges. Every camp day features game competition—either 5 vs. 5, 7 vs. 7 or small space games with a tournament platform. The entire camp is driven by team challenges and team building opportunities, culminating in Championship Friday and the final Awards and Recognition Ceremony. On a daily basis, campers are rewarded for demonstrating qualities that improve the overall camp environment. Those qualities include leadership, sportsmanship, hustle, effort, humility and positively influencing others.

Blocking and Tackling Within a safe, non-contact format and applying the USA Football Heads Up curriculum, we effectively train campers to block and tackle so they play better, safer football. On a daily basis, players will develop the right posture, footwork and approach to playing the contact game effectively. We build muscle memory, skill and understanding, so campers compete with confidence and make big plays.


  1. Release and Hold Harmless Agreement
  2. Permission to Possess and Administer Medicine Waiver

WAIVER:  A Release and Hold Harmless Agreement must be signed by a parent or guardian and submitted prior to the camp’s first day. The Release and Hold Harmless Agreement may be submitted electronically.

HEALTH HISTORY FORM:  Campers attending a New Jersey or Connecticut camp location must complete and submit a Health History Form prior to the camp start. These must be completed as paper documents.

IF YOUR CHILD REQUIRES MEDICINE:  If your child requires medication, a Self Administration of Medication Form must be completed and submitted prior to the camp start.   Camp staff does not administer or store medicine on behalf of campers. The camper must be prepared and able to self administer any medicine needed. Some camp staff are trained in first aid and will take action in the event of an emergency.

GENERAL POLICY:  A parent or guardian must accompany each camper to Monday check-in and pick up the camper at dismissal each camp day. We reserve the right to suspend or terminate any student when it is deemed in the best interest of the camp or the student. In the interests of participant privacy, we regret that videotaping camp activities is not allowed. The Camps are not a school sponsored program and your school district does not endorse this activity. Dates and locations are subject to change. See the Connecticut Policy Guideline on Abuse and Neglect Reporting

REFUND POLICY: It’s a Strong Refund Policy. Here’s why. Pre-registration determines the number of staff hired and campers guaranteed to the facility. We financially commit to coaches, heroes and facilities for the week and do not turn back. That’s why we need you to be sure you are committed to us. Therefore, in cases of cancellation before or on April 15, 2017, 30% of your total payment or $80 will be retained–whichever is lower.  After April 15, 2017, in cases of cancellation, we will retain the full registration fee. Customers using payment plan codes agree that your payment is strictly a deposit and does not represent a fulfilled payment. All Camp Policies apply, including the refund policy. Payment plans may not be combined with other discount offers.  Amendments to policies through promotions, such as “Early Birds” or “past loyal customers” will be honored as stated through the promotion.

CANCELLATION PROTECTION: Cancellation Protection is available for purchase during your camp registration procedure. You may purchase cancellation protection from your personal insurance agent or directly from Pro Sports Experience when you register, to offset some of the financial loss in the event you withdraw from camp on or after April 15, 2017. Cancellation Protection may only be purchased at the time of your original registration and may not be applied retroactively. Cancellation protection is non-refundable. With Cancellation Protection, in cases of cancellation on or before April 15, 2017, you will receive your money back less a 30% processing fee or $80 dollars–whichever is lower. Or, in lieu of a refund, you may request a Camp Credit equal to the full amount you paid for this year’s camp (less the Cancellation Protection Fee) which may be applied toward next year’s camp. With Cancellation Protection, you may cancel your camp registration after April 15, 2017, and receive a Camp Credit equal to the full amount you paid for this year’s camp (less the Cancellation Protection payment) to be used at any camp during the following camp year. Cancellations must be made more than 72 hours prior to the start of the camp and will be awarded as a Camp Credit equal to the value of your camp registration fee (less the Cancellation Protection Fee).

CAMP CREDITS:  Camp Credits may be redeemed by the original registrant or any family member for camp registration during the following year only. Camp Credits have no cash value and expire at the end of the following camp year. Each camp registration requires purchase of its own Cancellation Protection policy.

UNATTENDED DAYS:  There is no refund for unattended camp days. Unattended camp days cannot be transferred to future camps.

WEATHER RELATED ISSUES:  In the event of severe weather at full-day camps, we will move camp activities indoors. We reserve the right to cancel the entire camp day (or any portion of it which remains). No refund will be issued for camp days (or portions thereof) cancelled for any reason. The decision to cancel and/or modify a camp rests solely with the management, facility manager and head coaches.   In the event of severe weather at half-day camps, we will move into indoors or to a protective shelter. If the delay is prolonged we may choose to extend that day or any other day. We reserve the right to cancel the entire camp day (or any portion of it which remains). No refund will be issued for camp days (or portions thereof) cancelled for any reason. The decision to cancel and/or modify a camp rests solely with the management, facility manager and head coaches.  At certain locations in the event of severe weather, we may bus campers to an alternate indoor location. Should that become necessary, we will send an email to your registered email address with full details of the plan. Please check your emails frequently during camp operations.

Button, Click for Waiver, Release and Hold Harmless Button, Click for Waiver, Self Medication

YOUR CAMP LOCATION, DATE AND TIMES:  Check your email confirmation and/or view the camp schedule here.

FIRST DAY, MORNING CHECK IN TIMES:   Check-in opens 45 minutes prior to the camp time.   This is a one time process, occurring only on the first day of camp. A parent, guardian or authorized adult must walk the camper through the First Day, Morning check-in process.

DROP OFF TUES-FRI:  Camps may join us as early as 15 minutes prior to camp start, unless you have purchased extended supervision. See below for extended supervision details.

PICK UP TIMES AND REQUIREMENTS:  Pick-up occurs immediately upon the conclusion of the camp day–see the camp schedule for your specific times.   A parent, guardian or authorized adult is required to pick up the camper at dismissal of each day. Due to additional commitments for our coaches, parents must be prompt for pick up. We can cover up to 15 minutes after the camp day ends, but it is prohibitive for coaches to remain any longer. If you cannot arrange for pick-up within 15 minutes of the camp day conclusion, please arrange for extended supervision.   See below for extended supervision details.  Check with your Camp Director regarding unique pick up and release logistics.

EXCEPTIONS FOR PICK UP TIMES:  If you have registered for “After Camp Offensive Skills,” “After Camp Position-Specific Instruction” or “Extended Supervision,” your pick up times will change.

AFTER-CAMP INSTRUCTION:  If you registered for a Half-Day Camp and added “After Camp” Offensive Skills or Position-Specific Instruction, your Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday pick up time is extended by one hour.

EXTENDED SUPERVISION:  If you feel you must drop your child off more than 15 minutes prior to camp start or pick your child up later than 15 minutes after camp, please register for extended supervision.   Call 877-226-9919 for arrangements.


  1. GENERAL RELEASE and WAIVER: SUBMIT ELECTRONICALLY:  All participants must submit a completed waiver in order to participate. If you did not complete the waiver during the on-line registration process, please CLICK HERE and do so now.
  1. SELF MEDICATION WAIVER FORM: (IF APPLICABLE):  If your child brings medication(s) to camp, please bring a completed Self Medication Permission Form. This form is mandatory and must be submitted upon your first day arrival at camp.   If needed, please click here for the Self Medication Waiver.
  1. Lunch + Drink(s) for Full Day Camp; Snack + Drinks for Half Day Camps:  Note about peanut products: A number of children with nut/peanut allergies are attending our camps. To further assist these campers, we are asking that you refrain from packing nut/ peanut products in your child’s lunch. We will have designated nut/peanut-free tables at which these campers may eat their lunch.
  1. Refillable water bottle filled (with name on it)
  2. Tennis Shoes (mandatory for Full-Day Camps)
  3. Cleats (Optional but highly recommended)
  4. Sun Screen (Mandatory–apply in am prior to camp and re-apply after lunch)
  5. Windbreaker (for rain)
  6. A Towel (for rain)
  7. A Gym Bag
  8. Your official camp T-Shirt will be provided and must be worn very day.
  9. A great attitude–be excited for camp! We certainly can’t wait to play some football!

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