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Youth Football Game Show – EVENT RSVP and Release Agreement

    I, personally and on behalf of my child(ren) and spouse, hereby give Pro Sports Experience and the NFL Alumni Association, or any affiliate, permission to use my, my spouses and/or my child(ren)'s name, photograph, quotations, spoken words and likeness in any advertisements, videos, recordings or promotions performed in connection with the Zoom events, including the Zoom Huddle and Youth Football Gameshow and I agree that neither I nor my child(ren) shall be entitled to any compensation for such use. By entering name and date and clicking SUBMIT button below I certify that I have 1) read the "Video/Photograph Release Agreement”, 2) that I am the custodial parent and/or the spouse and/or the legal guardian(s) of the person(s) designated as Participant(s) above, and 3) that I am over the age of eighteen (18) years of age. This action will constitute an electronic signature in lieu of an actual signature and evidences the parties’ mutual intent to enter into a valid and binding contract that will satisfy all applicable legal requirements.