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Chicago Bears Youth Football Camps

Bears18 @ Oak Park, IL, M-F, July 16-20, 8:30am-11:30am


Linberg Park, 1151 N Marion St, Oak Park, IL

For kids that love football!   Chicago Bears Youth Football Camps develop athletic skills, football skills and life skills within a safe and fun non-contact format.  Available to boys and girls ages 6-14 years old, camps are led by USA Football-certified, Pro Sports Experience-trained coaches with supplemental instruction from Chicago Bears Alumni Heroes like Mickey Pruitt, Kris Haines, Jim Morrissey and Rashied Davis.  Within our non-contact format, learn to run, throw, catch, defend, form-block, form-tackle and explode out of a stance with proper technique and improved speed.

Additional purchase options include Extended Supervision, After-Camp Instruction and Cancellation Protection


Product Description

It’s Football Fit for Boys and Girls ages 6-14, made by the Chicago Bears. Learn to run, throw, catch and play within safe, non-contact or flag instruction.

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