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New York NFL Alumni Youth Football Camps

NFLAA18 @ Midland Park, NJ, M-F, July 9-13, 8:30am-11:30am


Midland Park High School, 250 Prospect Street

It’s Football Fit for Kids ages 6-14. Learn to run, throw, catch & play within safe, non-contact or flag instruction. It’s a Pro Sports Experience for Kids.  Featuring professional, Pro Sports Experience Coaches with New York NFL Alumni Heroes such as Bill Ard, Stephen Baker, Chris Calloway, Keith Elias, Sam Garnes or Billy Taylor.  Learn to Play the NFL Alumni Hero Way!!

Additional purchase options include Extended Supervision, After-Camp Instruction and Cancellation Protection



Product Description

It’s Football Fit for Boys and Girls ages 6-14, by NFL Alumni Heroes. Learn to run, throw, catch and play within safe, non-contact or flag football instruction.  er!

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