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Cross-Training: The Secret to Becoming the Best Athlete

Cross-training has been identified by high school and college coaches as way to develop a decisive edge in athletic skill. Multi-sport participation is the preferred method of cross-training. Of the 47 recruits at Ohio State in 2018, 42 of them participated in multiple sports during high school.
The US Olympic Team is similarly made up of athletes that participated in more than one sport through their development, only specializing later in their careers. Governing bodies, like USA Hockey, encourage their athletes to play multiple sports with the expectation that the skills learned will elevate the athlete’s abilities.

Athletic development does not begin or end during the regular season. With the modern trend of sports specialization, young athletes miss opportunities to develop and build transferable skills in their sport of choice. Single-sport athletes lose the ability to learn from a different perspective, and do not have the ability or creativity to adapt to unique situations during game play. Sports continue to evolve in the way in which they are played; three-point shots are taken from near half-court, pucks disappear between players legs and reappear in the net, soccer players creatively pass balls during penalty shots, and triple crowns are won for the first time in decades. The GAME has changed and so has the way athletes train. The ability to supplement a preferred sport with participation in another has many benefits:

• Fewer overuse injuries
• Less likely to burn-out
• Wider range of motor skills
• Out of the box creativity
• Tactical development
• Competitive drive

Many football skills translate and supplement other sports skills

How our Football Camps help your Athlete?

Here are some examples:

  •  Cone drills – the foundation of speed, balance, acceleration, coordination

Basketball – improve a player’s ability to run the fast-break with speed or take on a defended one-on-one with smoother footwork
Baseball – improve a player’s ability to take a better turn, while taking another base, or pivot to chase down a fly ball
Hockey – improve a player’s ability to transition from forward to backward with ease, improve cross-over footwork
Soccer – improve a player’s ability to step over the ball, or react to a quick counter attack

  • Release, Go , Catch High – Wide Receiver 
    WR Drill-page-001

Baseball and Basketball players see instant benefits in learning how to time a jump for a rebound or robbing a home run

  • Breaking to the Ball – Defensive backs 

Hockey, Soccer, and Basketball players will learn how to maintain athletic posture while pivoting to defend against a drive wide

  • LB Pursuit

Hockey, Soccer, and Basketball players will learn how to take an angle at a loose puck or force an attacker outside the scoring area

Don’t just play sports, be an ATHLETE!


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