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Chicago Director Kris Haines Helps Build Confidence

Chicago Director Kris Haines Helps Build Confidence

Coach Kris Haines sees his coaching style as a combination of the styles of the coaches he played for, his father, other people who have mentored him, and examples learned from his past teammates. The two men that have influenced him the most are his father who also served as his high school coach, and Marv Levy, former Buffalo Bills and Kansas City Chiefs head coach.  

One of the things that Coach Haines loves to see while coaching young men is seeing well skilled players help or encourage other players who are struggling or lacking in confidence. Other moments that Coach Haines finds great reward in are seeing the confidence grow in a player as they use fundamentals that he coached them on as well as seeing his players smiling and having fun.  

Coach Haines has great memories of coaching two young men at the Chicago NFL Alumni Youth Camp. Both players went on to become captains for their respective high school football teams, but that was not what stuck out to Coach Haines. “They were not the greatest athletes. Their strengths were always listening to advice, being coachable and learning how important it was to be great leaders. I think the reason I’m so proud of them is that they are now such outstanding citizens who understand how to give their full effort.” 

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