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Philadelphia Director Albert Crosby – A Proven Master

Philadelphia Director Albert Crosby – A Proven Master

Football has always been a huge part of coach Albert Crosby’s life. Growing up, Crosby’s football coach was his biggest role model, and through coaching, Crosby hopes to also be able to leave lasting impacts on young men’s lives through the game of football.  

Two things Coach Crosby believes every player can learn from a good coach are confidence and structure. Coach Crosby currently has 11 former players playing in the NFL, including one of his favorites, DJ Moore, who was drafted in the first round by the Carolina Panthers in the 2018 NFL draft.   

Aside from seeing his former players finding success in the NFL, the most rewarding aspect of coaching for Crosby is seeing smiles on young faces and seeing relationships being built through the game of football. At NFL Alumni Hero Camps, Crosby notices that “often times, you see a kid that is very shy become very comfortable after a day or so.”  A coach that Albert Crosby draws inspiration from is Alabama’s Nick Saban. Crosby has spent time observing Saban’s coaching style and admires the way that Saban is able to guide young men. “He gets to know each and everyone of his players and knows their individual strengths and weaknesses. He knows how to change up his communication style to align with what is best for each of his players. He is a proven master.”  


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