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Chicago Director John Grogan Produces Leaders

Chicago Director John Grogan Produces Leaders

Coach John Grogan spends everyday living out his childhood dream of being a football coach. Grogan credits his father for introducing him to football at a young age and preparing him for a career of playing the game at the highest level in high school and college. Grogan’s high school and college coaches, John Hoerster (legendary Loyola Academy coach) and Mike Pope (a 30 year NFL coach with 4 Superbowl wins with the NY Giants) also had a huge impact on Grogan becoming a coach.   

Grogan learned invaluable life lessons from these two in the importance of organization, preparation, and depending on those who are dependable.  Using lessons learned from his own coaches, Coach Grogan hopes to be able to teach his players how to become great teammates and friends who can be counted on. Grogan’s goal is to mold young adults into “a person who is good for their word and conducts themselves as a leader in their community.”  

While coaching NFL Alumni Hero Camps, Grogan’s greatest reward is seeing the game positively affect the development of young boys and girls to be better individuals, students, and leaders. Grogan also enjoys the help of NFL Heroes who attend camp; “The Heroes are able to share their lifetime experiences playing the game of football and how these have positively shaped their lives. They are also able to tell campers how they have had to overcome obstacles in order to achieve their dreams.”  


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