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Why Do We Play? The Top 4 Feel Good Sports Moments of the Year!

Why Do We Play? The Top 4 Feel Good Sports Moments of the Year!

It can happen…to anyone at anytime on any team.   This is why we play.   We never give up on the dream because we love the process.

We have a childlike belief that “it” can happen…it will happen.

What do we want? Why do we do it?  What is the reward?

1) Scott Foster, Emergency Goaltender for the Chicago Blackhawks.

The hockey goaltender position is unusual. You need one goaltender and the goaltender usually plays the whole game. On occasion, the back up goaltender plays.

After that, there are few options. Skaters cannot play goaltender–especially at the NHL level.

To be clear …99.999% of the time, two goaltenders on your team is enough.

Just in case, the NHL assigns an emergency goaltender–a former college athlete that lives in the area and can “function” as an NHL goaltender in the case of extreme emergency.

He is never going to play–until he does.

With the Blackhawks down to one goaltender, Scott Foster, 36-year-old accountant and former college goaltender put on his goaltender gear and waited on Chicago’s bench. Then he was called into action.

Foster, married and a father of two, stopped all seven shots he faced over the final 14 minutes of the Blackhawks’ 6-2 victory over the playoff-bound Winnipeg Jets on Thursday.

Chants of “Foster! Foster!” echoed through the arena and the Blackhawks mobbed Foster following the win.

2) Grandson of a Legend on the Big Stage

Jack Nicklaus is probably the greatest golfer of all-time. So when he says his proudest moment in golf occurred as a spectator watching his grandson swing the club, that certainly means something.

During the Masters Par 3 contest, which takes place the day before the actual Masters tournament at the Augusta National Golf Club, Jack Nicklaus, Tom Watson and Gary Player were accompanied by caddies. often times family members who may also step in a hit for their legendary kin.

So when Nicklaus got to the final hole, he elected to let his 15 year old grandson Gary take a swing.

You will see that golf skills definitely run in the family and you might even see a little mist in the eyes of grandpa Jack.

3) 32-Year-Old NBA Rookie Experiences the Magic

During years and years in the NBA’s minor league earning $26,000 a year, Andre Ingram was ready to pack up his South Bay Lakers gear and go home for the summer.

But his minor league coaches wanted to meet–and tell him something important. Ingram, 32, was getting called up to play with the Los Angeles Lakers through season’s end.

Yes–for the first time in his career–all minor league and low paid–Andre Ingram was going to the show!

So how did Ingram handle it? He turned in an amazing performance, scoring 19 points with 20,000 people looking on –against one of the NBA’s best–the Houston Rockets.

With Ingram at the free throw line, the LA Staples Center crowd began chants of “MVP!”

“From the team warm-ups, the atmosphere — it was electric,” Ingram told reporters in the locker room after the game. “You could feel something in there, and you know, people are going crazy. MVP chants — that’s crazy, man.”

4) Loyola Proves it Really Is All About the Team

OK, this is not pro sports–which in many ways makes it better!

They say–“if you want to go fast, go it alone. If you want to go far, go together.”

The Loyola Ramblers of Chicago showed the basketball world why team play, humility, a few prayers and a little luck can take you a long way in sports and life.

Finding the national spot light in the NCAA’s tournament, you would be hard pressed to find Ramblers on TV during their 25-5 regular season run.

But that changed when coach Porter Moser’s Ramblers pulled off dramatic win after win, reaching the final four and rejecting the “Cinderella” moniker.  The believed in their team, their collective execution and commitment to each other–and it paid off with a glorious run.

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