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For Kids–Why is Quarterback So Cool?  See 7 Reasons.

For Kids–Why is Quarterback So Cool? See 7 Reasons.

Whether it is youth flag or youth tackle football, choosing quarterback may be the most impactful, life changing decision a child makes.

Quarterback is among the most athletically challenging positions in all of sports.  And like a director in a play, the quarterback must know everyone’s lines!

But with such responsibility comes great opportunity.

A young quarterback should commit to the following values and realize these are not optional but required to have a successful QB career.

And this is what makes a quarterback so darn cool.

1. Share success with Entire Team
The most important position in sports requires humility –and it has to be genuine.  Every successful play has many contributing factors. A successful touchdown is always a team accomplishment.  When the team is one with the quarterback, the team is built for sustainable success.

2. Demonstrate Composure
Before the fffense steps on the field, they could be down 7-0.  Great quarterbacks convey a steady confidence and positive energy under all circumstances.  This comes in handy in pressure–like during the 2 minute drill when there just is not time for emotional outbursts.

3. Raise the Team’s Playing Level
By preparation, action and words, the quarterback is uniquely qualified to lift an entire practice.  What if every player on your team practices 5% harder because of the quarterback’s lead?
Quarterbacks are placed in that position–to be watched and heard as the living example of how the team operates.

4. Deliver Clutch Plays
Sometimes, things do not work out as planned-especially in youth football.  So the Quarterback has to improvise, be athletic and in tight games be clutch.

5. Work Harder
Teammates can smell a fraud. And natural talent will only take you so far. The quarterback has to work just as hard and study more than the next guy.  Otherwise, when mistakes happen, teammates will question the QBs authenticity–and then everything unravels.

6. Produce Results
Fact of life–in order to lead, you have to produce when your time comes.  Throwing a strike through a window, scrambling for a first down, calling a clutch audible–these events empower the quarterback to take the leadership mantel.

7. Be Lucky
We all know the saying–luck is a matter of preparation meeting opportunity.   So when the ball bounces off someone’s head into the receivers hands, yes–the QB is lucky.   If the quarterback commits to numbers 1-6 above, you can rest assured that luck will be found.



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