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Youth Sports: Why We Expect and Welcome Adversity

Youth Sports: Why We Expect and Welcome Adversity

Here’s the deal when you play competitive youth sports:

Anything can happen.

By participating in youth sports, parents are saying, “Yes” to all of the reasonable possibilities their child will experience–from tremendous joy to serious heartbreak.

The deal is parents should be prepared to welcome either experience and manage their child through it. The path is not easy–but it’s worth it.

Capable sport parents accept both ends of the bargain. They realize managing joy and heartbreak in a controlled sports environment will help a child grow into a highly productive adult. The “controlled test cases” youth sports provides allow kids to practice responses to winning and losing, fair and unfair before it really matters.

These controlled experiences are major advantages in childhood development.

While that is the deal, the trend is for parents work the system and hedge the bet…by a full 50%.

Whether it is earned or handed to them, parents often attempt to eliminate negative experience and adversity.
Instead, they seek a sports competition model that is designed to serve only the self-congratulatory moments.

Even more, akin to being on the road crew for the rock ‘n roll band, some parents would rather see their child be a roll player, back up or secondary player on a powerhouse team and have no legitimate impact on the team success. By doing this, they happily avoid the consternation and adversity that comes with a fully competitive experience where the child owns a fair amount of the team’s results.

Perhaps this is done unwittingly as they don’t realize the value of adversity and leadership responsibilities.

Or maybe it’s by design as some home life can certainly feature enough of it’s own adversity. Adding more is probably not for everyone.

The greater point is to make informed choices and don’t believe the hype about greener pastures.

The strength of sports education is driven by risk, wide-ranging emotions and the opportunity to work through each and every one of those experiences for crucial childhood development.

So, embrace the adversity of youth sports and be a positive, supporting mentor for your child.

We welcome all possibilities and help your child manage success, failure, fair and unfair with equal grace.

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NFL Alumni Association, Chicago Bears, Green Bay Packers and Tennessee Titans.

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