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Pop Warner Eliminates Kickoffs – Expert Takes

Pop Warner Eliminates Kickoffs – Expert Takes

Pop Warner Football has eliminated kickoffs for Tiny Mite (ages 5-7), Mitey Mite (ages 7-9), and Junior PeeWee (ages 8-10).  Teams will now start the first possession of the half and each possession after a score at the 35 -yard line.

Here is what the experts are saying:

Tom Finks (Pro Sports Experience)

“This is a good choice by Pop Warner Football.  The game is changing.  Across the country, the approach to practices, games, diagnosis, treatment and education of coaches, players and parents is having a big, positive impact.”

Michael Haynes (Chicago Bear Youth Football Camp Hero)

“I think it’s a great idea. There really is no point in having special teams at the youth level. Once you hit middle school then you can start to develop kickers. But, until that happens you’re really setting kids up for injury because everybody wants to do an onside kick and no one has time to teach the proper technique and fundamentals.”

Mike Gross (Pro Sports Experience)

“This progressive change is a result of the educating our coaches, parents and players. Changes, like eliminating kickoffs at the youth level, continue to show the positive modifications being made throughout the country to make practices and games safer. ”


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