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Play of the Week: Z Slugo

This week’s play can be used in conjunction with last weeks (The Comeback Counter).

Like last week, this play can be run out of several different formations. Below is the formation we like to use.  We like to run the option out of our “spread-double wing, pistol look.

Now that we have run the option several times and hit them with the counter we can run a “Z” Slugo.

The backfield motion remains the same: Dive back (positioned behind the QB) runs off the right guards butt attracting the inside linebackers attention. The deep motion back (Left Wing) gives the option look, which will draw the safety up. The right wing is going to block down and seal the LB/DE.  The “Z” will come out at the corner like he is going to block him and then take an inside release up the field (Slugo) where the QB will hit him with a pass.

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PlayoftheWeek--Z Slugo


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