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What Do Players Do During The Off-Season?

What do NFL players do during the off-season?

Here is a look at some of the popular places they go and what activities they do when they are not on the field:

They Go on Vacation

Just like many of us, players use their break from the office (OK, the playing field) to spend quality time with family and friends away on vacation. According to National Football, some of the key places where players travel include Hawaii, Jamaica, and Mexico. Sometimes fans can vacation with the players as well. The Chicago Bears recently partnered with Apple Vacations to send fans off to Mexico with Craig Steltz, Corey Wooton, Even Rodriguez, Edwin Williams and Matt Spaeth.

They Train

There really is no complete off season for training as players spend a portion of their time off preparing for the next season of play. They spend time with trainers who specialize in off-season workouts or find workout facilities where large groups of players can train and practice together. You will also find them spending time in college visiting their alma maters to train with coaches or players. Here is a look inside Green Bay Packers AJ Hawk’s off-season training as he prepared for the 2011 season.

They Play (but not too hard)

Think of the things you enjoy doing during the summer fishing, swimming, a little driveway basketball fun. Those are the same things NFL players do when they are not on the football field. The off-season gives players the opportunity to enjoy sports on a more recreational level especially those sports they might have played when they were younger. Chicago Bears Julius Peppers was a college hoopster at North Carolina.

But, coaches and agents try to limit the play to decrease the chances of a real off-season injury. You won’t find many players riding motorcycles or participating in skydiving.

They Volunteer

Many players have organizations they love and the off-season is the perfect opportunity to give back in a way that just isn’t possible during the regular season. They spend countless hours helping to provide for those less fortunate or raising funds for causes that are close to their hearts. As host of the Annual Guiding Eyes Golf Classic, Eli Manning demonstrates what it might be like to play golf without being able to see.


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