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Consider NFL Flag for Football Skills and Thrills!

Consider NFL Flag for Football Skills and Thrills!

Your child loves football but “other sport” commitments, age or concerns about tackle contact keep your child out of the game.

Develop non-contact football skills at
Philadelphia Eagles Youth Football Camps.

Don’t give up hope!  Be sure to give NFL Flag Football a try.   It’s the non-contact version of football that is experiencing tremendous growth and providing big benefits.
The game is available for kids ages 6 to 14 years old.   
The quality of athleticism and team play is outstanding.

Coaching levels are often on a par with any youth football camp or tackle league.

The local and national championship opportunities match those of Pop Warner.
And the game is lightning fast!
Check out the following links and get into NFL Flag.
Hopefully, even more than “get back to football,” this helps you find a way to “get into football,” –the world’s greatest team sport!
Tom Finks
Pro Sports Experience, LLC


New York Giants Youth Football Camps have over 25 non-contact football camp locations throughout the New York, New Jersey and Connecticut area.  All programs are non-contact and excellent feeders for kids that want to learn to skills for both flag and tackle team football.


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