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NFL Heroes Take Action at Youth Football Camps

Pro Sports Experience is the official youth football camp management company for the Chicago Bears, Green Bay Packers, New York Giants and Philadelphia Eagles.  We deliver comprehensive, non-contact football instruction for kids ages 6-14 years old.

At every youth football camp, we invite “NFL Heroes.”  

Typically, they work with us on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday during the five-day camp week.

Heroes are former NFL players, fathers and family men that get great reward by teaching kids through football.  They supplement our core coaches with great instruction, energy and leadership. 

The term “Hero” is an appropriate for many reasons.  These men played in the NFL–and that speaks to their extreme dedication, work ethic, mental toughness and good fortune.  They are an elite group.

Most are not marquee names.  As parents and football fans, we recognize their names. 

As you would expect, the campers do not.  However, once the campers meet these retired players, shake their hands, follow their instruction and listen to their messages, something wonderful happens.  The kids gain a special appreciation for these unique camp guests.  And within a short period of time, these NFL Alumni become a true Camp Heroes to all that attend.  The campers seek and cherish their autographs just as much as any star quarterback.  And our coaches seek their respect as we work to represent the NFL properly.  And most important, the message these Camp Heroes deliver is right on target.  Enjoy the experience, respect others, practice hard and have fun!

Here’s a look at some of the men we proudly call Heroes at our youth camps. 

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Darnell Autry (Northwestern): Running Back, 1997
Macey Brooks (James Madison U): WR, 1998-2000
Ron Cox (Fresno St.): Linebacker, 1990-97
Wendell Davis (LSU): Wide Receiver, 1988-93
Robin Earl (Washington): Running Back, 1977-82

Allan Ellis (UCLA): Defensive Back, 1973-80
Kris Haines (Notre Dame): WR, 79-81           
Al Harris (ASU): Defensive End, 1979-84          
Emery Moorehead (Colorado): Tight End, 1977-88
Jim Morrissey (Michigan State): LB, 1985-93
Mickey Pruitt (Colorado): Linebacker, 1988-90
Revie Sorey (Illinois): Guard, 1975-83
Calvin Thomas (Illinois): Running Back, 1982-1988
James Thornton (Cal State Fullerton): TE, 1988-92
Keith Van Horne (USC) Offensive Lineman, 1981-1993

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John Anderson: University of Michigan, LB, 1978-1989
Ron Cox: Fresno State, Linebacker, 1996
Johnnie Gray: Cal State Fullerton, Safety, 1975-1983
Ahman Green:  Nebraska, Running Back, 2001-2009
Larry Krause: St. Norbert, Running Back, 1970-1974
Dexter McNab: Florida, Running Back, 1992-1994
Bryce Paup: Northern Iowa, Linebacker, 1990-1994
Paul Rudzinski: Michigan State, Linebacker, 1978-1982
Bill Schroeder: Wisconsin Lacrosse, WR, 1994-2001

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Bill Ard, (Wake Forest) Guard – (1981-88)
Stephen Baker, (Fresno State) WR – (1987-1992)
Scott Brunner, (Delaware) Quarter Back – (1980-1983)
Chris Calloway, (Michigan) WR – (1992-1998)
Eric Dorsey, (Notre Dame) DE – (1986-92)
Keith Elias, (Princeton) RB – (1994-96)
Sam Garnes, (Cincinnati) Safety – (1997-2001)
Rodney Hampton, (Georgia) RB – (1990 – 1997)
Sean Landeta, (Towson) Punter – (1985-92)
George Martin, (Oregon) DE – (1975-88)
Curtis McGriff, (Alabama) DT – (1980-87)
Roman Oben, (Louisville) OL (1996-99)
Lee Rouson, (Colorado) Running Back, 1985 – 1990
Brian Saxton, (Boston College) Tight End – (1995-1997)
Billy Taylor, (Texas Tech) Running Back – (1978-1981)
Steve Thurlow, (Stanford) Running Back – (1964-1966)
Odessa Turner, (Northwestern-LA) Wide Receiver – (1987-91)
Charles Way, (Virginia) Full Back/Running Back – (1995-99)
Perry Williams, (North Carolina) Defensive Back- (1984-93)

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Fred Barnett (Arkansas State): Wide Receiver, 1990-1997
Bill Bergey (Arkansas State): Linebacker, 1974-1980
Garry Cobb (USC): Linebacker, 1985-1987
Ben Hawkins (Arizona State): WR, 1966-1973
Jim Kelly (Notre Dame): Tight End, 1965-1967
Sean Landeta (Towson): Punter, 1999-2002
Frank LeMaster (Kentucky): LB, 1974-1982
Joe Pagliei (Clemson): Running Back, 1959
Vince Papale (St.Joseph): WR, 1976-1978
Joe Pisarcik (New Mexico State): QB, 1980-1984
Mike Reichenbach (East Stroudsbury): LB, 1984-89
Pete Retzlaff (S.Dakota St): RB, WR, TEnd, 1956-66
Mike Schad (QueensUniversity): OL, 1989-93
William Thomas (Texas A&M): LB, 1991-2001

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Pro Sports Experience is the official management company for Chicago Bears, Green Bay Packers, New York Giants and Philadelphia Eagles Youth Football Camps.


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