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Evaluating Camp Coaches: The Six Key Segments

Green Bay Packers Youth Football Camps

Before hiring, we vigorously evaluate our prospective youth football camp directors and coaches. 

Then, having gathered all the necessary information, we determine how they will handle the six key segments of customer contact.

We ask ourselves, “How will this coach rate in these six segments?”

1.  The First Impression and Welcome
2.  Introduction, Opening Speech and Tone
3.  One on One Coaching & Camper Management
4.  Off-the-Field Social and Non-Coaching Communication Skills
5.  End-of-Day Summary and Camper Performance Appraisals
6.  Conflict Management

Each segments is very different than the other and requires a specific communication skill.

As a coach, do you excel in all six segments of the job?

For more on each of these segments, visit the Youth Sports Library.

Tom Finks
Executive Director
Pro Sports Experience, LLC

Pro Sports Experience is the official management company of Chicago Bears, Green Bay Packers, New York Giants and Philadelphia Eagles Youth Football Camps.

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