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Coaching the Thanksgiving Football Game Players

How many of these players will also appear in your Thanksgiving family football game?

1. The politically intense uncle that would rather talk about a “nuclear football.”

2. The chubby friend that can’t run because he ate too much clam chowder.
3. The quiet nephew who suddenly starts talking like Terrell Owens.
4. The uncle who can only run with the wind for fear his toupee with fly off.
5. The friend that can’t spell “football.”
6. The day-trading neighbor that keeps checking his Blackberry.
7. The neighbor’s wife who keeps talking about Dr. Phil. 
8. The son that wants to play best-of-seven.
9. The daughter who’s feet are cold because she did not wear socks. 
10.  The sister who’s end-zone dance makes us all uncomfortable.
11.  The son that laughs every time grandpa says “play like Dick Butkus!”
Bringing these personalities together is the ultimate challenge for any Thanksgiving Day Football coordinator.
Football is the ultimate team sport. 
May your turkey be delicious.
Happy Thanksgiving!
Tom Finks
Pro Sports Experience, LLC

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