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For Football Skills, Face the Mistakes Head On!

Consider the moment when, having just thrown an interception, a youth quarterback comes off the field to face his coach.   Is there a better teaching moment in sports to build life skills?

The quarterback did not throw a touchdown or an incomplete pass.  The pass was not dropped.
The pass was intercepted.   There is nothing ambiguous about it.  

Youth Football Coaches must be honest, optimistic
and solution- oriented when coaching athletes
A very specific mistake was made and that is the starting point for the ensuing conversation.

In football, the youth quarterback can’t hide from the coach. 

So often, we approach our mistakes with a litany of excuses or reasons things did not go as intended.  We rationalize our mistakes without addressing them directly.  We buy time and avoid confronting the mistake.  In the long run, this is an unhealthy approach. 

After an interception, there is no time for the quarterback to scramble for an excuse.   He and the coach must deal with the facts.  And they must do it now.

The quarterback-coach-interception dynamic creates a wonderful teaching platform.  If the coach and quarterback can both effectively address the specific mistake, demonstrate confidence in the future and define a path to improvement, that quarterback will be a stronger player and person in the days ahead.  And the coach that manages these moments properly will have respect and dedication from the entire team.
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