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4 Ways to Know if Your Child is Ready for Sports Camp

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While some of us may still be battling cold temperatures, warmer weather is just around the corner and you are probably beginning to fill your summer calendar with activities, events and CAMPS.  While most summer camps help children build confidence and learn a new skill, sports camps do all that and more—helping your child develop physically, socially and even intellectually as they try something new, improve upon their athletic skills, and learn to appreciate sports in all their glory.

Consider a summer sports camp if your child wants…

1. To Try a New Sport

It’s not always easy for a child to try a new sport—he or she might feel apprehensive or nervous, especially if they have friends that are more experienced at the game.  In addition, most organized sport opportunities come with long-term team commitments.  A sports camp overcomes those challenges by giving your child the opportunity to try a sport and see if it is a fit for his or her interest and skill level.  Look for camps that divide campers by age and experience level to ensure that your child will receive the right level of instruction and support.  At our camps, we believe this is the best way to not only teach technique and skill, but to give kids an overall appreciation for the sport of football, even if our camp will be their only football experience.

2. To Improve a Sports Skill

Even the more experienced young athlete can benefit greatly by attending a sports camp.  While they may already have a love and appreciation for the game, a sports camp will allow them to improve upon skills and techniques they are already learning from games and practices.  Look for camps in your child’s sport area of interest that offer more advanced instruction such as the Chicago Bears Youth Football Camps Accelerated Skills Section.  Through these types of programs, campers will benefit from improved training techniques, more advanced fitness drills and more advanced team play concepts—all for the purpose of getting them ready for their regular sports season.

3. To Move

There is a reason schools have regular physical education classes and recess—kids need to move.  But, during the summer months, that movement may be limited to moving from the couch to the kitchen.  Sports camps not only keep your child moving during the summer, but they also teach the importance of living an overall healthy lifestyle.  Consider camps that go beyond just providing physical activities and sign up for those that will also give your child a dose of healthy living knowledge such as how to make nutritional food choices, the importance of hydration and why a good night sleep is important.

4.  A Mentor

Instead of directors and counselors that make sure the day-to-day operations run smooth, sports camps have coaches who interact with campers in a positive and encouraging way—coaching them not only in skills and techniques, but in important life lessons such as discipline and leadership.  The New York Giants Youth Football Camp coaches and NFL Heroes help children develop trust, confidence and self-esteem—all things that will help a our campers be great on and off the playing field.

Pro Sports Experience is the official youth camp management company for Chicago Bears, Green Bay Packers, New York Giants and Philadelphia Eagles Youth Football Camps.





Athletes earn more money than their non-athlete counterparts

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Being an athlete can positively increase your net income. A recent survey found high school athletes achieved a level of education 25 to 35 percent higher, including 12 to 31 percent higher wages than their non-athlete classmates.


Check out the full article.



McDonald’s Promotes Healthy Eating

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McDonald’s Promotes Healthy Eating

McDonald’s fast food chain is stepping forward in the journey to promote healthier eating habits to its customers. Recently, the company announced it will discontinue its promotion of soda on its kids menu. Instead, healthier side items will be emphasized, like water, milk, or juice. Although soda will continue to be an option to customers, it will no longer be promoted to the public. Other changes are being made as well. To market healthy eating to children, packaging designs were adjusted to encourage kids to eat more fruits and vegetables. McDonald’s is also giving the option to adults to choose a side salad, fruit, or vegetable to substitute the regular French fries choice.

McDonald’s worked in partnership with the Alliance for a Healthier Generation, an organization set up by the Clinton Foundation and the American Heart Association.

Former President Clinton says “If we want to curb the catastrophic economic and health implications of obesity across the world, we need more companies to follow McDonald’s lead and step up to the plate and make meaningful changes.”

An interesting look into the reason kids participate in sports.

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Not many people stop to ask a youth athlete exactly why they want to play sports, but the results may surprise you.



Together We Make Football

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Together We Make Football

The NFL has launched its new campaign, Together We Make Football – Your Story Contest. The league is looking for stories on why the millions of NFL fans love the game. Those wishing to enter can submit a story by either uploading a video or essay about how they’ve been touched by football.

The winning five stories will be announced during the playoffs after being voted on by the fans. The winners will experience five days of NFL extravagance by attend events like the Commissioner’s press conference, the NFL Honors and so much more! At the end winners and two guests will get to attend Super Bowl XLVIII and even walk across the field before kickoff. To read the full prize package and enter your story, go to

Allan Ellis–Chicago Bears Hero, 1951-2013

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Everybody liked Allan Ellis.   Something very good and optimistic radiated off him. 

Allan appreciated everything.

If it was a good cause, he wanted to be part it.  Allan was easy.

It was easy to be kind to Allan Ellis because he was always kind.

He was “Fast.”  Allan was happy to be with you.

Allan Ellis was an original Hero for Chicago Bears Youth Football Camps.  He worked over 100 camps, impacted thousands of kids and made our program much, much better.

Allan Ellis will be missed.

The Allan Ellis Football Career

1977 Pro Bowl Selection
Played a nine-season career for Chicago Bears and San Diego Chargers
Played college football at UCLA
Played high school football at Centennial High, in Compton, Ca

During his nine-season career as a pro football player, Allan played 105 games and started 82 of them.  He goes down in Chicago Bears history as the first Bears cornerback to ever receive a Pro Bowl selection.  Allan played college football at UCLA and was later drafted to the Chicago Bears in 1973.  In 1976, he was ranked sixth on the NFL leader board for interceptions returned for touchdowns and eighth for non-offensive touchdowns.  In the following year, Allan earned a Pro-bowl selection and was ranked seventh in the NFL for interceptions.  Allan continued to live in the Chicago area and helped out at some of the Chicago franchise’s football camps.

How to Motivate your Child in Sports

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How to Motivate your Child in Sports

We all want to motivate our children to do their best, but sometimes it’s hard to know exactly what to say. There are many ways that as a parent or coach you can improve your child’s mental game by what you do and don’t say. Dr. Patrick Cohn has the top three tips for instilling confidence in your young athlete, and they’re very simple—all it takes is awareness. Learn Dr. Cohn’s three strategies here:

How youth football is evolving into a safer sport.

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For parents, safety is a prime concern when enrolling their kids in sports, especially football.  Mom and Sportswriter Anna Mcdonald breaks down how football safety concerns are being addressed, while learning safer tackling techniques herself at a NFL safety clinic.  With 500 other mom’s Anna gets a firsthand look at the evolution of safer tackling as well as valuable medical information on concussion awareness and hydration.  Instead of saying no to her son who loves playing football, she’s taking the time to ensure coaches are teaching the safe way to play.

Mike Vrabel, Ohio State defensive line coach,  leads a drill at a football safety clinic for mothers.

Be Smart: Hydrate in Cold Weather

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While summer is winding down, the issue of hydration never wanes.

Why Athletes Hydrate in Cold Weather

For young athletes, staying hydrated is just as important during colder weather as it is throughout hot summer days. While cold weather often lessens a players desire to drink water, they are still raising their body’s heat, leading to sweat and fluid loss.

John Eric Smith, Ph.D., a Senior Scientist at the Gatorade Sports Science Institute, suggests similar hydration techniques from summertime be used in the cold for athletes. Read more about Dr. Smith’s ideas here:

Camp News Summary

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Chicago Bears Youth Football Camps


“Chicago Bears Kick Off Ninth Season of Youth Summer Camps”

Athletes from all over suburbs can attend and learn to play football the Chicago Bears way!


“Football: Pat Pistorio Hired as South Elgin Coach”

Chicago Bears Youth Football Camp Director lands head football coaching job at South Elgin High School.


“No Pads, No Problem for Bears Youth Football Camp”

All-Pro cornerback Allan Ellis is on hand to coach young players.


Green Bay Packers Youth Football Camps


“Packers Youth Football Camp Kicks Off”

Green Bay kids learn proper football techniques “no matter what level of football they play.”


“Run the Stop-and-Go Route at Green Bay Packers Youth Football Camp”

Glendale campers run a modern “stop-and-go route” and learn the fundamentals of the game.


“Can You Get my Football Out of a Tree?”

Former Green Bay Packer Kurt Larson shares some wisdom and the oddest question a kid has ever asked him with Waukesha campers.


New York Giants Youth Football Camps


“Photos: New York Giants Youth Football Camp”

Springfield campers “put to the test,” while enjoying visits from retired New York Giants football players Steven Baker and Perry Williams.


“Livingston Children Gather for New York Giants Youth Football Camps”

In Livingston, kids “enjoy what they’re doing, but also learn” from camp.


“Developing On-Field Skills, Lifelong Values, NY Giants Youth Camp Returns to Princeton”

Players develop athletic skills, but also learn life values at Princeton camp.


“Giants Camp a Huge Hit”

White Plains campers withstand heat in order to learn the fundamentals of football, develop skills, and have a blast!


Philadelphia Eagles Youth Football Camps


“Photos: Philadelphia Eagles Youth Football Camp in Cherry Hill”

Check out these great photos from our Cherry Hill location.


“Eagles Youth Camp in Cherry Hill Tackles Safety Issues”

Cherry Hill campers learn proper and safe tackling techniques and form.


“Delaware Valley Deals with Heat”

Wilmington campers learn proper hydration techniques to beat the heat.